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Roll up Displays

Roll up banners can save considerable time in the case of hastiness in setting up advertising booths, display stands or product promotion launch events. The time thus saved then can be used in other useful activities. Rollup and Pull-up banner stands under the brand name of Easydisplay have been launched by Easydisplay International Co. Ltd., the German global giant for indoor and outdoor promotional activities. The singularity has been possible for two reasons. First is that the banners are light weight, portable, flexible and easy to install and operate. Second is that even unskilled person can handle the banners without any trouble.

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Easy Roll Up banners are weatherproof, sleek, attractive and elegant to attract visitors at first sight. They can be put up for many promotional activities but not limited to malls, showrooms, restaurants, travel hubs, tradeshows, fairs and exhibitions. Possibilities are enormous so the business opportunities are. Rollup banners come in a number of variants to match the business and budget requirements. The stands can very well cope with harsh wind conditions and stay stable due to their structural design. Each banner comes with its own easy to carry carrying case. Open case, unfold the banner, expand the telescopic bars, fit at appropriate places and you are done with the job. Attach an optional spotlight for glow up viewing.  Material is either metal or eco-friendly bamboo. Don’t miss the chance of acquiring a great outdoor promotional banner. Start attracting customers now!!!

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