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Banner Stands L

Light Weight, Light Budget banner stands. L banner stands are perfect example of elegance in simplicity. They get their name by their slanting supporting bar structure. Leave a big impact and long lasting impression in the minds of your customers through the display of your product or service on L banner stands. L banners easily become the centre of attraction with their simple but stylish look. They are easy to handle too.

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L banner stands are stable and long lasting. They can easily withstand heavy wind blows. They can be carried easily to your next point-of-sale. Like X banners, you can select the size, color, type, structure, appearance. You can choose out of black, clay bank or silver. The base material is either polycarbonate or plastic or fiberglass or PVC water tank or any combination of these materials. With L banners you can adjust the angle of presentation with the help of centrally assigned lock. Supporting rods can easily be fitted into specially designed Centrum. The banner is then fit into rods through its grommets. Environment friendly bamboo is also available in Easy L Bamboo. Transport bag is accompanied with every L Banner for easy transportability. L banners are choice of many to be placed at Point-of-purchase, point-of-sale, showrooms and road shows.

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